Thank you Adobe

Comploters got featured by Adobe Muse as site of the day... little do they know that now I´m one step closer to accomplish my MASTER PLAN.

Step 1

While drinking margaritas force my cat to design an awesome site using Photoshop and Adobe Muse.

Wait for the site to be featured.

Make an awesome design

Step 2

At this point I should be rich because of my popularity. Use this money to develop mind control helmets for monkeys. Buy 1 million bananas and lure some monkeys, 10.000 will do the trick.

Building my army

Step 3

No violence required for this.

Now that I have my army of monkeys it's time to find a pacific way to become the president of the world...

Rise to power

Step 4

Use my new position to end the world problems, like the threat of mind controlled monkeys  terrorizing the entire world.

Do my new job Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

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